Miley Cyrus: I Love My…Peace Signs

Multi-millionaire tween queen Miley Cyrus has established herself as a (rather rocky) role model for young girls everywhere. 

Girls ranging from ages 2 to 16, to their parents’ dismay, take every measure imaginable to mirror everything Miley; from her clothing, to her hairstyles, to her dance moves…even to her hand gestures. 

Perhaps that’s why it’s rather common these days to see children under the age of five flashing peace signs left and right. Chances are they don’t even know the meaning behind the dual-digit flip. 

Miley is an avid supporter of the traditional two-fingered peace sign (which initially belonged to Lindsay Lohan, by the way). It’s a rare occasion that Miley makes a public appearance without flashing it for at least one photo. 

Check out the gallery of Miley’s not-so-varied signature poses.