Minnie Driving Back on Fashion Course?

We know, Minnie Driver, we know.

It’s an unfair standard that women in Hollywood are held to, being expected to look glamorous immediately after being pregnant.

And, perhaps, judged too harshly when they climb the red carpet in something that doesn’t please both fashion critics and their own fans.

Then again, who are you kidding? That metallic number looks like a medical grade trash bag.

Luckily, the underemployed new mom is taking some steps to mend her wardrobe ways.

Driver popped by Shadow West’s Los Angeles fashion preview, where she scored duds from Blaine, a cashmere knit collection by Blaine Zuckerman, as well as vintage themed Jules Smith jules and shoes by UES.

Nice move, Min. Start using an editor’s eye or, for god-sakes, add a stylist to your circle of friends.