Penelope Cruz, Daniel Day Lewis: Dressed to the ‘Nine’s

It was into the way-back machine for Penelope Cruz and Daniel Day Lewis Tuesday. The pair filmed the upcoming musical Nine at the Nene Valley railway station in England, decked out in vintage wardrobe.

A big-screen adaptation of a Broadway production, the movie features Lewis as an Italian director attempting to muddle through a mid-life crisis via a variety of women. Cruz is his mistress, Carla.

The star-studded cast also includes Nicole Kidman as Lewis’ muse, and singer Fergie, who plays—go figure—a hooker.

The film, directed by Rob Marshall (who also helmed Chicago), is slated for a December 2009 release. No word on whether Scarlett Johansson will be popping up to do a steamy three-way scene with Cruz again. If Marshall is smart, he’s already making some calls.