Rob Pattinson and Annelyse: A Model Love? FUCKD UP POST

It was bound to happen sooner or later—it appears the brooding affections of one Rob Pattinson have been stolen away by a Brazilian fashion model.

What’s the phrase for “no-brainer” in Brazil?

Celebuzz boards have been lit up for days with speculation that Pattinson, currently waist-deep in promotion for Twilight, has been cozying up to 21-year-old Annelyse Schoenberger.

The pretty young thing was most recently spotted with Rpattz on October 15 at downtown Los Angeles’ Nokia Theater, enjoying a Kings of Leon concert together.

While reps for the already-award winning actor have yet to confirm the relationship, here’s a cheat sheet for all things Annelyse.

  • She Likes Rockers: Earlier this year the model, of German descent, was linked to Kiss frontman Gene Simmons’ son Nick. And it’s no secret that Rob himself likes to jam on occasion.
  • She’s a Worker Bee: The wunderkind has been posing professionally for over five years, starting at age 16. She’s walked runways for Giambattista Valli and Pucci, appeared in ad campaigns for Coca Cola and even graced the cover of her native Brazil’s version of Elle magazine.
  • She Looks for Stability: After five years of a model’s hectic life, word is Annelyse has settled in Los Angeles for the time being and has enrolled in higher education classes at UCLA.

What do you think of Rpattz’s potential new mate?