The CW Is Re-Opening ‘Melrose Place’

As is typical in Hollywood, when something works, you squeeze every last bit of money out of it.

The CW, thrilled with the decent return on their 90210 ressurection, is planning on bringing onetime spinoff Melrose Place back to life, says Entertainment Weekly.

The original show was the soapy and ridiculous chronicle of the lives and loves of several Angelenos all living in one apartment complex.

Its high points included bitchy-but-sexy landlord Heather Locklear, drownings in the courtyard pool, evil doctors hiding their jagged head scars under wigs and one episode in which said doctor—played by Desperate Housewives diva Marcia Cross— blew up the entire complex.

Oh, and Housewives star Doug Savant also starred as one of the first mainstay gay characters on prime-time TV, Matt Fielding.

Melrose Place left the air in 1999 after seven seasons.

Details on the new version are scarce at this point, but an update of the series has been confirmed by a CW spokesperson.

They need somehow bring back sassy Sydney (Laura Leighton) from the dead. True, she got run over by a car and killed on her wedding day, but this is a soap opera…!