Trend Spotting With Kim Kardashian: Accessorize Before You Buy

From styles that can make you fit in at your local Renaissance fair (LOL! Can you believe it!?) to looks inspired by menswear, there are so many trends flying around this fall, I almost don’t know where to begin!

One thing I do to test out a new look is accessorize something simple—like jeans and a monochrome top. I think accessories are a great, low-commitment way to try something out of my comfort zone. If I like it, I move on to the clothes. If I don’t—it’s no biggie on my bank account.

Accessories can also really set the tone of an outfit. Allow me to demonstrate: Imagine you have a basic pair of skinny jeans and a chic, black button-up shirt. Now, apply these three looks to your outfit:

Fire Starter
Add a red belt, some patent-leather red shoes and a matching clutch, some red bangle bracelets and a red barrette and you have achieved the red trend of this fall. I would say red is the new black, but it seems to be more about adding red accents. You don’t want to find yourself swimming in a sea of crimson. I am giving away a pair of jeweled black Christian Audigier sunglasses worth nearly $500 that would be a great addition to the red look! ENTER TO WIN HERE!

Punk Up the Jam
Yes the ’80s are still in, and you can interpret the retro style in new ways. Wearing that same pair of jeans and shirt, add some spikes to your attire: Perhaps unbutton your shirt low enough to show off a mesh tank, and cinch it in with a studded belt. Skull rings are also popping up as well as biker-inspired boots. Make the look more feminine by wearing a pair of heels that sport harder-edged features like chains, studs, rope, crosses and even cuffs. Or you can go the more vintage Madonna look like Mena Suvari has done here.

Tuxedo Time
Menswear is totally hot right now. Add a skinny tie or even a chic bow tie to your black button-up (hint: a jewel tone will make it more feminine), a bag that takes cues from a man’s briefcase and accents of tweed or plaid. Driving gloves are also a nice option and sprinkling touches of sparkle such as a pin, earrings or a bracelet add that Katherine Hepburn-inspired class. 

I picked these three fall looks because they are relatively interchangeable. You can mix your spiky boots with your menswear jacket, as you can see I have done in the photo above. Use accessories to own your outfit but make sure to edit your look—too much of a good thing is just that.

Make sure to click through my photo gallery where I point out the stars who are working these looks!