Billy Ray to Miley: Don't Be a Jamie Lynn Spears

Billy Ray to Miley: Don't Be a Jamie Lynn Spears-photo

Star reports that Billy Ray Cyrus used teen pregnancy icon Jamie Lynn Spears as an example to his sophisticated 15-year-old daughter Miley Cyrus of how NOT to further your career.

Tish Cyrus reportedly had a secret heart-to-heart with harried mother of two Lynne Spears in which Lynne described dealing with her two daughters—both experiencing life difficulties and with children of their own.

Billy Ray allegedly caught Miley making out with live-in underwear mannequin Justin Gaston and felt the need to set her straight about a few things.

"I told her in no uncertain terms that her career would be over if something stupid were to happen," Billy Ray told a friend. "I think I made an impression on her—at least, I hope so."

He might have a point. Have you seen any new episodes of Zoey 101 lately?



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  • Jamie Spears
    Jamie Spears

    Okay, Let me clear things up, Zoey101 was over with before I announced I was pregnant, We aired all four years of high school there for we were not able to air no more shows. Also, Billy ray cyrus never said any of this =]

  • adreanamusical

    Hey man leave your girl.....let Miley take her own decisions about what's wrong and and what's not. Every girl in this world have the desire to explore herself at this age. The most you can tell her to use protection. :)