Julianne Moore not ‘Bold’ Enough for Tyson Beckford

Hollywood wasn’t the only town to taste the sweetness of a new BlackBerry launch this week; the mobile phone company’s new “Bold” device was fêted in Manhattan on Tuesday.

But while famous faces mingled among the crowd, at least two ships were happy to steer different courses in the night—mainly charitable actress Julianne Moore and Naomi Campbell-escapee Tyson Beckford.

“I don’t know him,” Julianne was quoted by the New York Post, when prompted to chat up the male model. “Sometimes I’m embarrassed to just go over and say hello if we’ve never met.”

Moore’s husband Bart Freundlich was by her side the whole time.

As Tyson himself pointed out, “Husbands don’t like it when their wives are introduced to Tyson Beckford.”

Yeah, well that’s why BlackBerrys were invented, Ty—sexy text messaging while the husband’s watching football!