Mariah Carey Needs a Costume

Mariah Carey says that she is “undecided” about her Halloween costume, according to Us.

If any celebrity has a costume lying around, it’s Mimi.

There’s got to be some fairy princess ensemble that she wears around the penthouse regularly. Or a butterfly costume. Maybe a unicorn? She could always have someone design her one!

Carey did tell Rachael Ray that she would be working with husband Nick Cannon on matching costumes.

“One is a sexy firefighter. He can be a regular firefighter guy,” she says. “Then we have an Egyptian.”

Mariah even has a sweeter option in mind.

“I would be chocolate chip cookies,” Carey told Ray. “It’s just like a two-piece little number, and it’s made out of the chocolate chip cookie fabric. Then you have actual cookies sewn on.”

And Cannon would be a glass of milk.

Seriously, Mimi just needs to go as the fairy princess she envisions that she already is.