Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen: Boob War!

Boyfriend battles are so passe!

Star reports that the Olsen twins are fighting over the possibility of getting matching boob jobs!

It seems that Ashley wants to increase her bust, and (this is priceless) asked sister Mary-Kate if she would get one at the same time so it would look like the twin sisters were “filling out naturally.”

Mary-Kate was reportedly “horrified.” Isn’t she the one that parties? You would think she would be into more cleavage to impress all the fashionistas and club scene hipsters.

“She told Ashley no way! Mary-Kate hates being told what to do and how to look by Ashley,” a source says. “It drives her nuts. Anyway, she’s into that flat look and thinks clothes look better with less cleavage, so she’d rather be smaller and more stylish.”

Plus, Mary-Kate probably doesn’t want people thinking that the two tiny trifles have actually gained any weight. Not very fashionable.