Morning Frills #85: ‘The Price Is Right’ Edition

Is there anything that Katie Price, aka Jordan, can’t do? Model. Equestrienne. Authoress. Perfumer. And now, the walking, talking, mind-boggling multi-hyphenate reveals yet another skill in her arsenal: Haircare-product pitchwoman.

Jordan was on hand at the Superdrug store on London’s Oxford Street on Wednesday to unveil the Jordan Electrical Haircare Range, a delightfully pink array of curling irons, hairdryers and hair straighteners designed to give users the trademark Katie Price look. (And really, who wouldn’t want that?)

As usual, Price made the appearance with a thoroughly eyebrow-raising look. Her hair? Straight on one side, curled on the other. Her outfit? A customized, description-defying hybrid. Because it’s all about expressing the duality that is Jordan. The yin and the yang. The alpha and the omega. The schizo and the phrenic.

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