Project Runway’s Sweet P Sees Ghosts in the Garden

One of the more beloved contestants on Season Four of Bravo’s Project Runway competition was Los Angeles-based Sweet P.

With her full-body tattoos and unquenchable ebullience, the buxom blonde designer became a natural audience favorite. Judges and fellow-contestants alike were charmed by the Sweet one’s “colorful” personality.

And that love of color extends to her young husband, artist Save Vaughn.

Vaughn is a highly regarded L.A. painter. His work is included in many of what the art world calls “important collections.”  He has also been selected as a visionary by commercial interests such as Nike.

Sweet P. and Sage have teamed up to produce “Ghosts in the Garden,” a limited-run clothing line that combines the husband’s sly mix of color and image with the wife’s innate grasp of cut and fit.

The line has been featured at the Seattle Art Museum, and a reception for the couple will be held Saturday, November 1 at the area’s Havana social club.

While planning her makeup and gown for the event, the Project Runway favorite kindly answered a few questions for Celebuzz.

What does Ghosts in the Garden mean? “It is the mix of life and death.  The non-color with color.  I imagine all the ghosts flying around mischievously in the garden and they get dirty with flowers, birds and butterflies.”

What is Sweet P’s favorite piece from the collection? “The Corsage dress.  It looks like a girl got stabbed at Prom.  I love, love, love that dress. The drips of dye running down the dress are so Sage.”

What other talented artists would you like to translate into a fashion line? “Hmmmm. How about Damien Hirst?”