Tori Spelling Compares Her Body to Jessica Alba’s

Tori Spelling not only visits the Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in West Hollywood, California, she often feels like a rotund, seed-filled fruit herself.

The actress moans to In Touch that she’s had problems losing her baby weight after giving birth to little Stella in June. Plus, she’s taken to comparing herself to Jessica Alba.

Uh, not a good idea, Tori!

“I’d see photos of her two months after and go, ‘Look at her!’ ” laments the 90210 hopeful.

Well, there is an almost ten-year age difference to consider.

Plus, Jessica likes to visit New York and is able to shed pounds by walking. It’s not gonna happen just by cruising through a Brentwood Starbucks drive-thru, baby!

Anyway, now Tori’s dragged husband Dean McDermott, their 19-month-old son

and wee Stella into her private hell.

“The best way to lose weight is to make it a family affair,” she explains. “It has changed my life. I’m embracing the fact that it’s a struggle for me to drop the pounds.”

Oh, Tori, just shut up and eat the damn lasagna like you know you want to.