Big Names Dial Up to ‘Bold’ in Bev Hlls

Celebuzz knows what those Housewives are desperate for—cutting-edge gadgets.

Several residents of Wisteria Lane turned out to Beverly Hills for the launch of the entertainment industry’s Jesus Phone: The Blackberry Bold.

Eva Longoria showed in an, um, interesting geometric number that perhaps proves she’s not preggers after all. Tony Parker’s wife wasn’t spotted drinking any alcohol, but she could’ve merely had an early call time.

Felicity Huffman attended with thesp/husband William H. Macy, the pair chatting with screen legend Dustin Hoffman while all three died quietly inside until the moment they could jump into their hired cars and play with their new 3G toys.

The most appreciative, however, has got to be director and bedhopper Brett Ratner. While having his Bold personally engraved at an EtchStar booth, he chatted up a young blonde aspiring actress.

“I just did a pilot,” an onlooker overheard her say, while he quizzed her on other stats.

“I’ll see you upstairs,” he returned, dismissing her and grabbing his now sacred Blackberry, with three large initials burned into the back—”RAT.”