Brad Pitt Staches Away ‘Inglorious’ for Angie

Well, hello, Brad Pitt. That couldn’t be anybody but you, rushing by cameras at LAX incognito.

With the unfortunately-colored maroon bucket hat (with its elusively significant number “5”) and shades, the paps almost missed you (as if) dipping into Los Angeles on a break from filming Inglorious Basterds.

The war epic, directed by Quentin Tarantino and costarring Mike Meyers and Diane Kruger, shoots until late February of 2009. Perhaps Brad snuck to the City of Angels to visit partner in propagation Angelina Jolie?

The mother, activist and actress rolled in town from her quaint French compound to honor her Changeling director Clint Eastwood at the Hollywood Film Festival honors.

Now that the two have some spare time on their hands, why not some alone time? As long as they don’t spend it on more reproducing.