Brad Pitt’s Parents Are a Couple of Boobs

Brad Pitt’s recent breast-feeding photos of baby-mama Angelina Jolie for W magazine fell flat with Pitt’s parents, according to Star.

The mag’s mole says that Brad’s ‘rental units, Bill and Jane, weren’t particularly thrilled when they received an advance copy of the issue featuring their son’s arty, black-and-white pics.

“Brad’s dad won’t talk about it—that means he’s upset,” says the source. “Brad’s mom feels they’re using their children as a marketing campaign tool and thinks it’s unacceptable.”

Ma Pitt, meanwhile, is apparently “horrified” by the mag’s breast-feeding cover shot.

The only Pitt clan member who appreciates the pics, according to the insider, is Brad’s younger brother Doug, because “he and Brad share similar photography styles.”

Yeah, “similar photography styles.” That must be it. Is he so proud of his bro’s work that he keeps the issue stowed away under his mattress for safe-keeping?