Halle Berry: From Flat Iron to Fro’

Halle Berry’s hair is going through some major changes on the set of her new movie Frankie and Alice in Vancouver.

Just the other day, Halle was sporting an Afro that would have made Foxy Brown proud.

It turns out that earlier in the week, Halle had a gorgeous mane of straight hair as she came out of her trailer in a bathrobe.

Is she playing a hair model in this movie? A spy? A weave addict?

Is Frankie and Alice a code name for Beauty Shop 2? Has anyone seen Queen Latifah on the set?

Word is that the Afro might actually be the hairstyle Berry is sporting these days, though.

There’s a baby in the house now, so it’s probably just easier to maintain. Plus, you can store things in there like a rattle and an extra can of formula.

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