Keanu Reeves’ Photog Trial Gets Shifty

Paparazzi enemy Keanu Reeves is currently in court, facing a lawsuit brought against him by photographer Alison Silva.

Silva claims he’s been unable to work due to an injured hand since Reeves’ Porsche knocked him over in 2007.

E! reports that hog rider Reeves’ attorney showed a very interesting video in court yesterday, depicting Silva scaling a razor-wire fence to try and capture Britney Spears. In the video, he apparently braces himself with his injured hand as he cimbs down.

This incident took place some time after the occurrence with Reeves.

“That was a good video,” Silva said, boldfaced, in court. It was taken from his website.

Silva says that he can no longer hold a camera with his injured hand so he has to use a video camera and, yes, does still climb the occasional fence, despite his injury.

Reeves’ defense contends that the photographer tripped during the March 2007 incident and that Keanu’s car was nowhere near him.

A jury will begin deliberations today.