Kim Kardashian's Wonder-ful Halloween

Kim Kardashian's Wonder-ful Halloween-photo

She may not be able to count amazing dancing skills among her powers, but Kim Kardashian is a superhero nonetheless. At least on Halloween.

Celebuzz's resident fashion guru decked herself out in red, white and blue to dress as Wonder Woman for a Pumpkin Day to host PAMA's Halloween Costume Ball at the Stone Rose in Los Angeles Thursday night.

Kim's outfit was complete with magic, bullet-deflecting bracelets and a "lasso of truth."

No one needed to be strung up to admit that Kardashian makes a fetching heroine. The sight of her gravity-defying derriere packed into star-spangled shorts is sure to inspire bravery and patriotic pride, or something like it.

But then, she doesn't need a costume to have that effect.



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  • elite90

    I totally love Kim, she's so beautiful!!

  • thecritic

    i just love this woman

  • hispanicatthedisco

    If only she could make her big ass as invisible as Wonder Woman's plane....

  • mzladyelle812

    I think the way Ms. Kim embraces her body with its natural curves is an inspiration to other woman... Who also have to endure the ridiculous outburst of people out there trying to shame us for what our bodies look like..Ms. kim keep showing off what GOD gave you... There is nothing wrong with curves and if others don't like it that is there problem they dont have to look at it.. But it is obvious that they do!!

  • LuvKim

    I love Kim and I think she looks great. She has a great attitude about life-GO KIM!!

  • canary