‘Mamma Mia!’: The Brits Love ABBA

The ABBA extravaganza called Mamma Mia! has become the highest grossing film of all time in Britain, according to the Telegraph.

Who expected that? The flick got fair-to-middling reviews (despite acting empress Meryl Streep in the starring role) and never seemed to attain the heights of worship that Hairspray and Chicago did here in the States.

The film has made the American equivalent of $108,156,649 in Britain, and beaten out Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone as the highest grossing film of all time across the pond.

Mamma Mia! has been said to have made it the best summer cinema attendance in Britain since 1972.

Well of course, it’s ABBA. Americans are just clueless when it comes to these things.

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