Mariah Carey Burns Up The Halloween Competition

Mariah Carey and never-too-far-from-her husband Nick Cannon showed up for her Halloween soiree at Marquee dressed in hers and hers NYC Fire Department outfits.

There was some worry that she wouldn’t find a costume. In actuality, she wore two, according to the Sun.

Cannon originally looked like your standard Backdraft warrior. But Carey, on the other hand, was dressed like the fire safety monitor at the Playboy Mansion.

The “Touch My Body” singer was clad in a red bra, stockings with suspenders and a scarlet mini-skirt that left very little to the imagination.

There was a jacket on top of it all, but it was a little shorter than regulation.

Straight guys in NYC are now setting small fires in hopes that she’ll show up with a hose.

But it didn’t end there. In a move worthy of Cher and Madonna, Mariah changed into her second costume of the evening: Chocolate chip cookies!

And very skimpy chocolate chip cookies. With her husband as a carton of milk. Sweet!