Michael Jackson Don't Stop Till He Gets Enough Candy

Michael Jackson Don't Stop Till He Gets Enough Candy-photo

Michael Jackson must be making up for all the candy he never got and apples he didn't bob for in the past!

For the second night in a row, the 50-year-old pop star took his kids Michael Joseph, Paris Michael Katherine and Prince Michael Jackson II trick-or-treating.

Jacko really seems to have a nose for sniffing out all the good neighborhoods to hit in L.A.

Plus, at this point in his career, it must be nice for him to finally be able to interact with normal, everyday citizens and not be mobbed by crazed fans.

Stay creepy, Michael!



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  • yashica

    Damn, that's a scary Halloween costume. he looks cool and thats why you r jealous of him

  • quinsosyaliztah

    -- MichaEl jaCkson iS a GooD siNger GooD daNcer He iS a DiffeRent SinGer anD daNcer No oNe cheAt hiM LoVe you MwaHHHHH

  • anaconda2008

    You geezers give it a rest will you. All you haters of Michael Jackson are nothing but PETTY. Michael will continue to confound you haters. but we who love will contine to love him no matter the vicious comments from people who have nothing nto do other than find faults in everything MJ does.Grow up Haters.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Damn, that's a scary Halloween costume.

  • nikkiphoto

    he could pass as a mortisha adams hybrid