Pattinson’s ‘Brokeback’ Moment Imminent

A-plus to the Robert Pattinson management machine, those folks know how to make themselves a star!

The Twilight actor has not only ammased insane buzz for his romantic lead in the vampire novel adaptation, his follow-up should garner even more attention.

E! Online’s Marc Malkin reports that Pattinson will get his Brokeback moment by sharing some on-screen loving with another man in the forthcoming arthouse flick Little Ashes.

RPattz will play surrealist Salvador Dali, the surrealist master, who has some steamy dalliances with writer Federico Garcia Lorca, played by newcomer Javier Beltran     

I’m told Pattinson shares a love scene with [Beltran], who plays Lorca, when their characters’ relationship turns romantic in the waters of the seaside town of Cadaqués,” Malkin writes.

A source tells Celebuzz it’s not only true, but audiences will get a lot more action than the slap-and-tickle of Jake Gyllenhaal’s burlap tents.

“There’s more action than Brokeback Mountain, that’s for sure,” our well-placed spy says.

We’re counting the days, Rob.