Sienna Miller Is a Bloody Mess

Sienna Miller may be one of the hardest-working actresses in the biz these days.

And now she’s added a new gig to her resume: Video vixen!

She’s starring in artist Damien Hirst’s video for British band the Hours’ new single “See The Light.”

And according to the Daily Mail, “Toward the video’s climax, Miller wanders into a room which has dripping cow carcasses on the wall. She then proceeds to rub the animals’ blood over her body before saying: ‘Death feels like the safest place for me right now’.”

Granted, Sienna seems to be a real pro at rubbing things all over her body. But isn’t she taking this to the extreme just a tad?

The Mail muses that “her latest part is set to shock her fans.”

Yeah, mates, she’s kind of already got that covered.