The Olsens meet Lindsay and Sam at Snub Summit

Possible boob job candidates Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were spotted at New York’s celeb go-to joint the Waverly Inn to celebrate the launch of that coffee table book that weighs more than the two of them put together.

Meanwhile, a few tables down, People reports that Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson were holding court. And Lohan was reportedly whooping it up and “getting wild like the good old days.” Oh, is it a white Halloween?

Anyway, sources say that the two pairs NEVER interacted. Hmmpphh. But they have so much in common. A love for unattractive yet cutting edge fashion, 0% body fat, and a tendency to party like it’s 2009 already.

Maybe Lohan’s still pissed since that incident in which she thought a twin was making googly eyes at her woman? The twins better watch it. She’s a brawler.