Winner vs. Loser: Robert Pattinson Demolishes Lohans

Winner vs. Loser: Robert Pattinson Demolishes Lohans-photo

Every so often, a breakout star comes along to shake up the industry. With his sexy look, uncharted talent, and great sense of humor, Robert Pattinson is on the path to being our generation's next big-screen icon. This week was filled with even more buzz about the handsome Brit: 

It doesn't take much for a star to fall, however, as is the case with actress-turned-blogger Lindsay Lohan. The other members of the Lohan family, Michael, Dina, and Ali have always ridden on her coattails, but how much longer can this all last?


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  • Nikki

    I really have enjoyed all of Rob's work thus far. I'm sure he will continue to be a huge success. I really wish people would stop comparing him to Johnny Depp. Rob is so much better. He might not be as popular as Johnny, but before long he'll pass him up. His looks alone make him the winner in that comparison.

  • janey

    Rob's a clever guy and wants to build a quality cv of work. I fully expect him to be the Johnny Depp of his era.