Chace Crawford Makes His Big Screen Debut

Chace Crawford of the CW’s scandalous teen drama Gossip Girl will have female fans swooning, and perhaps shaking in horror (or mocking laughter), when he hits the silver screen this weekend in his first leading role in a major motion picture.

The Haunting of Molly Hartley, a horror flick all too similar to the numerous other laughable scream fests that have come before it, centers around troubled teen Molly Hartley (played by Haley Bennett) as she moves to a new school and attempts to start a new life free of the memories of her disturbing past, only to discover an even more horrifying truth.

Molly catches the attention of Joseph Young, the high-school heartthrob, obviously played by true life heartthrob and coverboy, Chace.

90210 vixen AnnaLynne McCord will also be appearing in a minor role in the flick.

The film, with less-than-stellar expectations, mirrors so many box office bombs that have been torn to shreds by critics in the past; it’s hard not to wonder why studios continue to set themselves up for a brutal bashing.

Perhaps there is one thing that could save this film; 86 minutes of an enlarged version of Chace Crawford’s flawless face. 

It wouldn’t be too big a surprise to see girls lining up around the block…