David Beckham Expresses His Gay Pride to ‘GQ’

David Beckham may be saying no to the silver screen, but he’s crying out Yes, yes, YES!! to the gays.

The fishy soccer stud graces the cover of the upcoming issue of British GQ. In the interview, he’s asked about being labeled “the gayest straight man in Great Britain.”

“Yes, I like that,” Beckham admits. “When someone said that about me, it made me laugh and I was quite proud of it.”

Does this mean you’re giving some cash to help defeat Proposition 8 on the California ballot like other celebs have, David? Remember, you live in Los Angeles now.

“To have that kind of effect on so many different people around the world, I was honoured. When people talk to me about being a gay icon, I think of it as a great honour.”

Well, don’t get too comfy with that title, Becks. There’s a new swarthy Yank who just breezed into London since you’ve been exported.