How To Live Like…Zac Efron

In just a few years time, Zac Efron has gone from adorable Disney tween twinkle-toes to full-blown red-carpet hottie.  Okay, so maybe he’s still a bit of a twinkle-toes, but somewhere along the line he adopted the title of drool-worthy Hollywood heartthrob.

It seems that it was only yesterday that Zac stood awkwardly grinning among his High School Musical co-stars after the first installment of their film began creating buzz.  Now look at him!  The perfectly groomed stud is traveling the globe, strolling a different red carpet every night, and signing on for films left and right.  

Zac has made his transformation to the ultimate Hollywood hot commodity right before our very eyes. His A-list status shows no sign of fading any time soon.

Celebuzz dug up the dirt on your favorite Tinseltown stud!


Zac’s now muscular body wasn’t always something to fuss over.  But the sexy star made quite the effort to bulk up to Hulk size, and he’s loving showing off his new built bod for the cameras.  Zac, a self-declared workout-aholic hits the gym every day, sometimes with the company of his girlfriend and co-star Vanessa Hudgens.

“Working out is my biggest hobby,” Zac told InTouch magazine.  “It’s my Zen hour, I just zone out.”

Well, Zac, you enjoy doing it, and your fans certainly enjoy watching it!


A week doesn’t go by that Zac, usually accompanied by Vanessa, doesn’t hit up a hot spot eatery.  The star loves to dine out, and who wouldn’t when you have the cash and the VIP status to do so?

Zac isn’t always all about the extravagant meals though.  He’s a big fan of the orange chicken from Chinese restaurant chain Panda Express, or just vegging out at home with a box of Wheat Thins.


If the above dirt didn’t satisfy your Zac Efron craving, check out these fun facts about your favorite red carpet fixture!

  • The first thing Zac notices about a girl is her eyes.
  • He is a very skilled juggler.  Hey, if the whole acting thing fails, at least he’s got a backup!
  • His favorite actors include Jack Black, Christian Bale, and Brad Pitt.
  • His favorite musicians are the Postal Service, the Shins, the Gorillaz, and John Mayer.
  • Zac despises cigarettes!  He has trouble even being around smokers.
  • His favorite cartoon is Rocko’s Modern Life.
  • His favorite movie is The Goonies.
  • He has graced the covers of every major American teen girl magazine.

Zac may have started his career as a wholesome Disney star, but he’s quickly making his way up the ladder toward ruler of the A-list.  Only one question remains; if and when he makes it there, will he stay there?