Jessica Jealous at Justin’s Jaunt With Rihanna?

Recent Italian PDAs and wedding rumors notwithstanding, all may not be bliss in the world of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, according to the National Enquirer.

Sources report that Biel was “fuming” about the chemistry that her man struck up with Rihanna when the two shot the video for her song “Rehab” recently.

“Jessica wasn’t there, but she heard about it, and everyone was gushing about the intense chemistry between Rihanna and Justin,” a mole reveals. “That’s not the kind of news a girl who’s waiting on a proposal wants to hear, and she was fuming.”

The source continues, “Jessica also saw pictures from the video set while online and felt sick to her stomach when she saw Rihanna in her skimpy outfits looking incredibly sexy!”

Wow; if that’s the case, Biel must have been doubly irked when J.T. and Rihanna joined forces for a charity concert in Las Vegas last month. And on top of all that, Biel has to deal with her man making time with his ex, along with her own anxieties about aging. No wonder she’s always pouring her heart out on that blog of hers.