Larry Birkhead Is Finally Getting His Own Place

It only took 18 months, but Larry Birkhead is ready to move out on his own (with two-year-old daughter Dannielynn, of course). Us Magazine reports that Anna Nicole Smith’s sperm donor is vacating the deceased Playboy Playmate’s house in favor of a more “child friendly” residence.

“We’ve been looking at houses and I’ve found something in an area that has a lot of kids,” Birkhead reveals. “I’m parenting under the microscope. I make good decisions, maybe not traditional decisions, but we’re not a traditional family.”

Not a traditional family? Oh, come on, Larry; you’re practically the Brady Bunch.

But relocation isn’t the only thing that Larry and Dannielynn have on the horizon.

Birkhead reveals that he’s signed on with E! to star in a new reality show that will air next year. The series will chronicle Birkhead’s life as he juggles parenting with running one of Smith’s businesses, all while home-schooling his 18-year-old nephew Justin, who lives with him.

(Home-schooling an 18-year-old? Hmm…)

Birkhead notes that filming the show won’t be a huge transition from the circus that his life currently is anyway: “My life in the last couple of years has been a reality show.”

Good for you, Larry! You have a mouth to feed now, and you’ll need money for food, clothes, school and anything else that a daughter of Anna Nicole Smith might someday require.