Rosario Dawson’s Love-Life Advice

Rosario Dawson’s romantic requirements are remarkably simple, according to People.

The Sin City actress and happy hoser tells the magazine that she doesn’t need all sorts of bells and whistles to be satisfied—in fact, she prefers the low-key approach. “Sometimes relationships only work when all the fanfare is there,” Dawson, who’s currently involved in a relationship with DJ Mathieu Schreyer, posits. “But it’s great when it works when none of that is there.”

Rosario continues, “To come home, eat good food, watch your favorite show, all curled up just the two of you? That just feels awesome.”

In summary, Dawson notes, “I like the little things.”

So there it is: Rosario Dawson likes the little things. Which should make certain people very happy indeed.