Tila Tequila Has the Breast Intentions for Gay Marriage

Taco-loving lesbian Tequila Tequila isn’t about to let Proposition 8 take away the rights of gays to marry in California when the election rolls around on Tuesday!

Especially not after all the hard work she’s done for the cause.

For instance, check out the eloquent, philosophical poetry put forth on her MySpace blog today:

“Seriously folks…..let people do what they want to fucking do! It’s not going to affect you so let people marry whomever the fuck they want to marry! Get your head out of your own fucking ass and just vote and let people be! Jesus!”

Spoken like a future leader of America, Tila!  Oh…what was that? There’s more?

“PS-If you’re going to say something negative about this you can go fuck yourself and go back to the fucking country and hump some pigs…..better yet….you should sign up for A SHOT AT LOVE and go eat a pig’s vagina! LOLLLLLLL….”

You heard the lady, California! And, really, this is one politico you don’t wanna cross.