VIDEO: John McCain's 'SNL' Skit

VIDEO: John McCain's 'SNL' Skit-photo

Following in the footsteps of his running mate Sarah Palin, Republican presidential nominee John McCain put in an appearance on Saturday Night Live last night, hoping to generate enthusiasm for his campaign along with a few chuckles, just days before Tuesday's election.

During the opening sketch, McCain pretended to hock items on QVC, in response to Barack Obama's 30-minute, prime-time campaign ad that aired last week. With Tina Fey once again playing Palin, McCain cracked, "These final days have been the most essential. Barack Obama purchased air time on three networks. We, however, can only afford time on QVC...I would rather be on three major networks. But I'm a true maverick, a Republican without money."

Check out the video below:

This isn't McCain's first appearance on Saturday Night Live; the Arizona senator hosted the program in 2002.



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