Death to ‘Gossip Girl’!

Life’s one big roller-coaster for the Gossip Girl gang. One day it’s all partying and good times; the next day, the Grim Reaper’s cold, bony finger is tapping someone on the shoulder.

The cast of the steamy night-time soap spent Monday filming at a Brooklyn cemetery. And where there’s a cemetery, there are generally dead bodies. Is one of the characters getting offed in an upcoming episode?

Are the show’s producers, concerned about Taylor Momsen’s declining health and wayward habits, preparing to deep-six Jenny Humphrey? Or has a certain cast member, perhaps emboldened by his fledgling big-screen career, been trying to renegotiate his contract, thus earning his character a dirt nap?

Stay tuned; things could get unpleasant in upcoming Gossip Girl episodes. Though perhaps not as unpleasant as they could be.