Gerard Butler: ‘Jesus, I Gotta Quit Smoking’

Holy smoke! Gerard Butler says that he enlisted the help of Jesus Christ to break his cigarette habit—but the Big Guy let him down after less than a day!

Contact Music reports that the Nim’s Island actor was inspired by a visit to Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulcher to give up the cancer sticks.

“I’m thinking, ‘If this guy (Jesus) can die for mankind, the least I can do is quit smoking,” Butler recalls. “I really felt an epiphany was happening. I even thought I saw a light around me. Four hours later, I bought a packet of Marlboro Reds. Who am I kidding? I need a cigarette.”

Wow; no wonder the guy has been so edgy lately.

Don’t feel too bad, Gerard; you’re in good company—or at least you’re not alone. Besides, smoking may very well be healthier than some of the habits you’ve picked up recently.