Joaquin Phoenix: One Wobbly Step From Intervention?

Friends of Gladiator actor Joaquin Phoenix are increasingly concerned that he might be abandoning his sobriety along with his acting career, the New York Post reports.

Attendees at a recent Paul Newman fundraiser/tribute say that Phoenix—who’s struggled with alcohol and drugs in the past—was “out of it” at the event.

One source notes that Phoenix walked out at one point and “[w]obbled back in a bit later, but it was odd….He was slurring his words and was unsteady on his feet.”

A Phoenix rep denies that his client has fallen off the wagon, saying, “He’s fine. He just wants to focus on music, and he’ll be at the screening of his film Two Lovers on Saturday night in L.A.”

Hopefully that’s true. But if Joaquin’s truly interested in focusing on his music, he might want to be careful about which role models he chooses to pattern his career after.

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