Leona Lewis Seems Geographically Challenged

Add Leona Lewis to the ginormous list of celebrities who are publicly backing Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama for tomorrow’s election.

The fur-shunning singing sensation was recently bleeding love for Obama all over the pages of the Sun, telling the paper that the American politician has the cure for what ails England.


Let Lewis explain:

“I just don’t know what’s going on with the young kids in London now,” Lewis exclaims, referring to increasing youth violence in the city.  “I think Barack Obama could inspire young ethnic minorities in the UK to do something productive and show it’s not cool to do nothing with your life.”

The singer continues, “Who gets elected president of America is important for everyone in the world, because they end up running our country too.”

While British Prime Minister Gordon Brown might take issue with Lewis’ assessment, Leona’s Barack love seems unquenchable. “I think Obama is amazing,” she notes. “He’s just so cool and articulate. Nothing fazes him. I think it would be a huge step forward for America and the world.”

One thing’s for sure; if an Obama victory tomorrow gives this chick one less thing to shoot her mouth off about, the world really will be better off.