Lindsay Lohan: It’s Replaceable

Lindsay Lohan has officially been replaced as the host of the somewhat beat down World Music Awards in Monaco next weekend…by Denise Richards?!?

The Mirror reports that World Music Awards producers fired Lohan because they were unsure she was up to the task.

Lohan hosted the 2006 show, and she was reportedly a mess—flubbing her lines and calling up one winner as she was getting her hair done.

Lohan is said to have turned up her nose at the organizers’ last minute idea to have her co-host with Jesse Metcalfe. When that didn’t work out, she was relieved of her duties.

And organizers dragged Denise Richards in. Who will probably work on the cheap as long as she’s allowed to tape every moment of the action for the second season of her reality show, It’s Complicated.

This can’t be good for Lohan.  She’s a little hard up for work right now.