Madonna Fan Pushes Guy Ritchie Over the Borderline

Just when things seemed as if they might be calming down a bit with the Madonna/Guy Ritchie divorce, some drunk has to go rile up Guy at the Sherlock Holmes director’s own pub.

The Sun reports that Ritchie celebrated his father’s 80th birthday at London club Whisky Mist. Then he headed over to his own bar, the Punchbowl, and had a run-in with an apparently intoxicated—or just plain crazy—Madge fan.

“This bloke seemed to be on the lookout for trouble,” said a witness. “He got a drink and started shouting about being a Madonna fan and ranting about the divorce. It was like he just wanted to draw attention to himself.”

Police eventually carted off the lunatic Madonna supporter, but not before he poured a drink over other patrons in the bar and dented a Mercedes in the parking lot.

Maybe this gent ought to just pick up a guitar and turn all that aggression into art.