Mickey Rourke Admits He Almost Committed Suicide

The Wrestler star Mickey Rourke tells Maxim that he once considered ending his life immediately after committing a murder, Page Six reports.

“I was about to commit two mortal sins,” the friendly Rourke says. He planned to commit suicide after killing “a guy who raped Carré when she was on heroin and beat her up.”

Carré Otis is Rourke’s estranged wife. Luckily, Rourke says he met with a Times Square priest and entered into a rational discussion which prevented him from doing either.

And now he’s back on a career upswing.

Rourke credits his dogs with keeping him balanced and away from any violent activity.

“I’m not going to get religious on your ass, but I truly believe God created dogs for a cause. They are the greatest companions a man could ever have.”

So the world has a level-headed Catholic priest and some canines to thank for preventing what would have an especially grisly E! True Hollywood Story.