Miley and Blly Ray Cyrus Slated for CMA Bonding

It’s always special when father and daughter carve out some quality time. You know, like on stage at major award shows that guarantee tons and tons of publicity.

The Country Music Association announced today that Miley Cyrus and proud papa Billy Ray will present an award together at the 42nd Annual fete on Wednesday, November 12 on ABC.

This will be the second go-round for the country-crooning fam, who joined forces to hand out a trophy in 2006.

This will be the first year, however, that Billy Ray would want an eye in the back of his head to watch for any after-party shenanigans.

With that wild-card Christian model running around, who knows what kind of mischief Miley can get into behind the hay-colored veil of Carrie Underwood’s ‘do.