Nelly on Ashanti: It’s ‘Serious’

It must be reassuring for a girl like Ashanti that, after five years of touch-and-go dating, her man friend finally deems their little situation “serious.”

“That’s the thing between me and her,” Nelly told People Magazine of his R&B hit-making boo, “we just like having fun.”

The weekly caught up with Nelly at his 34th birthday in Las Vegas over the weekend, where he partied sans his beauty at club Lavo.

Ashanti was on business in Japan, but her absence shouldn’t indicate a rift betweent the pair. Nelly elaborated the two have been “hanging out for a minute,” (that’s about five years in Nelly time, starting from their linkage in 2003).

And, given such a protracted minute, where’s this crazy train headed, buster?

“I think it’s always serious,” said Nelly, “when you can hang with a person continuously … and [still] have fun.”

Well, it’s not necessarily a diamond ring, Ashanti, but it’s more then some folks are getting.

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