Robert Downey Jr. Is a Flamer

M & G reports that while filming a scene for the new Sherlock Holmes movie, Robert Downey Jr. accidentally set his trousers on fire.  Apparently, cinders from the detective’s famous pipe flew astray.

Yikes! Firecrotch!

A hearty lap blaze would have put an end once and for all to RDJ’s experiments with compulsive masturbation.

“Robert leaped from his armchair and jumped up and down, slapping his crotch and howling, ‘Oh, God, I’m on fire!’,” said an onset observer.

Co-star Jude Law saved the day.

“While Robert was screaming and swatting his pants, quick-thinking Jude flung water from a flower vase at Robert’s naughty area.”

This could have been a very nasty accident. But still less painful than Sherlock director Guy Ritchie’s ongoing split from wife Madonna.