Sienna and Balthazar: All Is Not Well in Adultery-ville

Husband procurer Sienna Miller is reportedly irritated with illicit lover Balthazar Getty. The stringy blonde actress has moved back to London, and left Getty behind in Los Angeles.

It seems that the Brothers and Sisters actor is hesitant about ending his marriage with wife Rosetta Millington, despite being seen round the globe with Sienna in a very public tryst.

Four kids are involved, you see. And Getty is allegedly starting to care how this will affect them.

“Sienna is back in London to give them both some cooling-off time. She has really wanted to be able to step out as a couple, but Balthazar is very torn over his children, and it looks like he might be wanting to go back to his family. Sienna is devastated,” a source says.

The Daily Mail also reports that Sienna likes to party and, as a recovering alcoholic, Getty’s more of a homebody.

The signs don’t bode well for these two relationship outlaws. Sienna is known to drop men like other people dispose of used Kleenex. Getty might want to start sending his wife flowers, diamonds, and his testicles stat.