Cute Looks vs. Huh? Looks: Halloween Edition

While it’s always fun to pass judgment upon your favorite celeb’s everyday attire, it’s even more fun to critique Hollywood’s hottest stars in costume!

The greatest holiday of the year has come and quickly gone, leaving you with only the wonderful memories of the absolutely kickass get-ups, and the painfully brutal ones. 

While catching a glimpse of Heidi Klum may have been horrifyingly traumatic for some people, that doesn’t erase the fact that her costume was insanely unique and creative.  It truly was one of a kind!

Kate Moss, on the other hand, scared bystanders simply by dressing as her usually sloppy self.  She was apparently going for the Catwoman look, failing miserably.

Check out the gallery of 10 hits and misses to see the rest of 2008’s most memorable Halloween costumes!

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