Katie Price Divorce Mystery Continues

Human enigma Katie Price, a/k/a Jordan, has caused plenty of raised eyebrows in her varied career. But the model/authoress/perfumer/et cetera’s personal life has been equally puzzling these days.

Jordan says that rumors of marital discord between her and husband Peter Andre are “a load of nonsense,” despite the fact that they’ve been spending a lot of time apart of late.

“He was working on his album and I was launching my new hair-care electricals range—so I flew out to be with him on Friday,” Jordan clarifies, according to the Sun

Andre, meanwhile, attempted to dispel divorce rumors in a column he penned for New! Magazine. “I admit that we have been arguing lately, but no more than we do normally,” Andre scribbles. “It would take a lot for me to want to head to the divorce courts, let me tell you.”

Price says that the couple’s marriage is so solid, in fact, that the two plan to dramatically expand their brood in coming years. “Ideally I want to have another three kids biologically and then adopt,” she says.

Hmm; adoption amid divorce rumors? That sounds awfully familiar. But hopefully Katie and Peter can hang in there and make good on their plans for a larger family—if not for themselves, then at least the shoemakers of the world.