Britney Spears: Don’t Judge a Girl By the Cover

Everybody seems to be concerned with Britney Spears’ mental state these days. But it must be hard to feel normal when you have magazines telling you you’re crazy.

Despite the fact that Britney’s been engaging in all sorts of quality family time with sons Sean Preston and Jayden James lately, the newest issue of Life & Style bears the screaming cover line, “Britney’s Brave Battle With Mental Illness.”

The cover goes on to claim that Spears broke down “as she’s forced to leave her kids for her career.”

Contrast that with this month’s issue of Australian Cosmopolitan, which offers a cover story—along with pictures from an Esquire cover shoot that Spears did five years ago—on “How Britney Bounced Back.”  As in, already recovered.

Is Life & Style behind in their coverage? Or, given that the Britney photos in the Australian Cosmo are half a decade old, is their story the result of some sort of Aussie time warp?

One thing’s for sure: There’s no shortage of inaccurate Britney Spears news stories these days.

Let’s clear the air with a video of Brit-Brit’s Esquire cover shoot, from which the Australian Cosmo recycled their photos:

Ah; much better. Nothing crazy about that.