Chace Crawford Is a Very Bad Drunk

Chace Crawford may boast a weighty conscience, but when it comes to knocking them back he’s a real lightweight, the New York Daily News reports.

The self-confessed Gossip Girl man-whore was hanging with pals at New York drinkery Southern Hospitality on Sunday when a trio of women challenged the lads to a boozing contest.

Witnesses report that Chace and his entourage were no match for the hooch-pounding mamas in knocking back Creek Water cocktails. Crawford was left in a state described as “very flush-in-the-face.”

In light of the humiliating defeat, Crawford asked the ladies for a rematch in a few weeks, during a Dallas Cowboys game.

Your work is cut out for you, Chace.  Start training now. Consult an expert on the matter. Perhaps someone you already know.