Courtenay Semel Can’t Rely on the Old Man’s Money

What a glum week it’s been for publicity leech gorgeous socialite Courtenay Semel.

It’s bad enough she was most likely devastated beyond consolation over her patriotic ex-“girlfriend” Tila Tequila allegedly making out with Justin Long on Halloween.

After all, they had such a strong, loving bond.

But now Page Six is reporting Court’s father, onetime Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel, has shut down her allowance.

A friend of the lady-lover says the younger Semel “is freaking out because she doesn’t know what to do.”

Then the frightening notion of Courtenay opting to gain cash by doing a reality show is mentioned.

“She’s looking into it because she needs money.”

Geez, can’t she just spare the masses, do things the old-fashioned way and become a hooker?